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eLaInE JaZZ'LyNNe TooN SwaN ChieN

  • loves music
  • likes to compose and arrange music during her free time
  • can play piano, saxophone and drum
  • loves music
  • likes eating sushi and ice cream
  • favourite colors are black, yellow & blue
  • loves shopping if she has CA$H
  • loves perfumes & shoes
  • enjoys performing and playing in a band
  • is currently a pianist, accompanist, performer & music teacher
  • enjoys watching movie and hang out with her friends
  • loves beautiful sandy beaches and islands
  • loves puppies
  • loves roses
  • very mischievious but can be super blur sometimes
  • very sensitive
  • hates snobbish, hipocrates & liars

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    Thursday, December 11, 2014
    Baked Honey Salmon wrapped in Bacon

    Something special tonight... for Mr. F:) First time trying the recipe, don't know if it works. Ah well... Bon Appétit :)

    Sigh... He messed up my masterpiece... And we got into a fight...

    Dam!!! Heartbroken!!!

    Posted at 12/11/2014 9:02:07 pm by elainetoon
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    Saturday, November 29, 2014

    I will not forget all the words you said. When you mocked your brother, you're mocking me too!!! You threw all the harsh words to me and treated me with no respect at all. I asked to settle it and get over with it, you just threw out "I give money to mother, ask him to find a hotel after she settle her stuff!!!" words to me. You hung up on me. Is that how you treat other human beings? Rudeness overload!!!

    Look... I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. But let's face the facts, you're not my family... yet. I did not ask for this path of ours to cross. I did not ask to date your brother and find out your situation. I did not want to even cause any misunderstandings with your family... or mine. And I choose to stay on despite all that cause I know we are not perfect. I choose to go through it with your family and put myself or my family after you guys. In fact, I fell in love with your beautiful family.

    I know we ain't perfect. But at this time, all you need to do is humble yourself and say nicely, "Can you help me? Can you take care of mom for me? I'm sorry to spoil your vacation. We did not intend for this to happen. But we are desperate and in need to settle" Not... "Brother say she can stay with cousin. Last time they all can stay, why now can't add mother?" Why, of course, last time was your family affair. Now this is my affair and your brother is doing me a favor, taking me out.

    You only scold effing effing effing so people will keep quiet.  So what are you trying to proof with the effing words? That you're powerful? So I have to suffer because of you is it? I have to stay here and not relax and wait for your family to settle is it? Your brother has to keep his mouth shut whenever you throw us the effing word is it? BTW, Keeping quiet doesn't mean agreeing to you, rather to let you cool down. Cause there's no use talking to mad people. If you're gonna behave like an effing moron and effing every single things, well, I guess you just degraded your morality. You are showing me that you are insecure, immature and full of ego!!! Just settle with eff eff eff!!! So are you the only one in the position of throwing eff words around?

    Last time your brother took off and did you all a favor to bring mother out. I'm not making him sound like he's the greatest one. But he did his part and more. Yes, you paid for her flight and lodging, but then who takes care of the other affairs? You? Your other siblings? Well, have you ever wonder that your brother did his part, getting in touch with cousin and paid for other stuffs too? Are you the only one giving money and helping, not us? I said earlier, we ain't family yet... Give me a reason why I need to help to pay? Of course you don't know, cause you didn't see me giving in. Of course you are the only one that is doing everything and we are shaking our legs, right? Do you see how ego you are? Anyway, you are not respecting me by throwing harsh words, and kept blaming your brother. You only see his imperfections. Have you ever wonder what he did for you all, too? Hey, we can't pleased everyone, you know?

    I felt like you guys were taking advantage on me and your brother. I felt you guys didn't respect me at all. I felt hurt and bothered with this issue of throwing the responsibilities and putting the blame on one another. Why not your other siblings bring mother out and we enjoy as you claim? It's unfair how you guys throw everything at your brother, and I of course, is part of it too. I'm not being selfish. If I were, I said no and won't help to book for her and care to call and ask. If this is how you are treating your brother and I, well, then why should we crack our heads and think of solution after you spoiled our plan? Why don't you just leave mother out to solve herself?

    FYI, Your brother is bringing me out on a holiday and taking care of me, not him having fun!!! You need to do a "rain check" before you point fingers, brother!!! You need to get your facts right before you call him your effing brother!!! So what if your brother is going out to have fun with me as what you claimed? Are we using your money? Are we asking you to pay for us? Did I disturb your schedule, work, etc? As the matter of fact, we never did!!! So your brother can't have fun? Why didn't you guys bring mother out when you go out? It's easier for your to push me away and say, "Next time I bring mother etc etc." But you are not in your brother's situation. Don't blame it on your brother. You need to respect him and learn to alter your ego and not be stubborn. It won't help solve the problem.

    You have one thing that I don't... Siblings. God gave you each other to help solve problems, not blame and point fingers at each other. Don't compare yourself with the immature and uneducated. Help each other and communicate. Getting angry and pissed off won't help solve the issue. Grow up!!!

    If you're so great, and you're paying everything for your mom or so you claimed, then why are you complaining? Is this a "So You Think You Can Earn and Pay For Mother" contest or what? That you are telling the whole world you are paying for everything? What are you trying to proof? That you're human, and we are not? Hey, think before you say anything!!!

    You made the decision for mother and sister to stay at home. You wanna pity them and help them but now you're causing yourself the pain and letting it unto others. We already suggested for her to work. You said she is old, yes, we all know. But she needs to go out and do something. My parents are old too. And they are making their lives useful. You're controlling your sister and mom, they need air to breathe. They aren't your slave, just because they depend on you. They don't owe their lives to you. You sponsor them, they have to lick your feet? Come on!!! They did not ask to be in this situation too. You've decide all this for them, now you have to take responsibility for it.

    A wrong concept misleads the understanding; a wrong deed degrades the whole man, and may eventually demolish the structure of the human ego.

    Looking back at my FB, I wonder why I even declared you my brother?

    Enuff said...

    Telling myself, 'Come on, you know, there's life and there's death and there is love.' And all of that ego business is nonsense compared to this'

    Have a nice trip tomorrow!!! Cheers!!!

    Posted at 11/29/2014 11:27:40 am by elainetoon
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    Wednesday, November 27, 2013

    I'm back!!!

    It has been ages since I last posted here. Well, I've certainly met new friends, working and soon, back to studying again... Doing my M.Science in Music in February 2014!!! Yahoo!!! Can't wait!!!

    Posted at 11/27/2013 4:37:46 pm by elainetoon
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    Tuesday, November 25, 2008
    I'd rather...

    I thought sometime alone
    was what we really needed
    you said this time would hurt more than it helps
    but I couldn't see that
    I thought it was the end
    of a beautiful story
    and so I left the one I loved at home to be alone
    and I tried to find
    out if this one thing is true
    that I'm nothing without you
    I know better now
    and I've had a change of heart

    I'd rather have bad times with you,                                      than good times with someone else
    I'd rather be beside you in a storm,                                      than safe and warm by myself
    I'd rather have hard times together,                                     than to have it easy apart
    I'd rather have the one who holds my heart
    whoo-oo-oo-oo yeah

    And then I met someone
    and thought she could replace you
    we got a long just fine
    we wasted time because she was not you
    we had a lot of fun
    though we knew we were faking
    love was not impressed with our connection                          they were all lies, all lies
    so I'm here cause I found this one thing is true
    that I'm nothing without you
    I know better now
    and I've had a change of heart

    I'd rather have bad times with you,                                      than good times with someone else
    I'd rather be beside you in a storm,                                      than safe and warm by myself
    I'd rather have hard times together,                                     than to have it easy apart
    I'd rather have the one who holds my heart
    who holds my heart

    I can't blame you if you turn away from me, like I've done you,
    I can only prove the things I say with time,
    please be mine,

    I'd rather have bad times with (please be mine) you,
    than good times with someone else (I know)
    I'd rather be beside you in a storm (anytime),
    than safe and warm by myself (so sure baby)
    I'd rather have hard times to gether,
    than to have it easy apart
    I'd rather have the one who holds my heart (my heart)

    I'd rather have bad times with you (surely),
    than good times with someone else (surely)
    I'd rather be beside you in a storm (oh yeah),
    than safe and warm by myself (all by myself)
    I'd rather have hard times together,
    than to have it easy apart (you know it)
    I'd rather have the one who holds my heart

    I'd rather have the one who holds my heart
    I'd rather have the one who holds my heart
    whoooo... who holds my heart

    Posted at 11/25/2008 8:22:38 pm by elainetoon
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    Sunday, October 19, 2008
    Bon Voyage, my dear housemate...

    Dom!!! In another 3 minutes, you'll be boarding the plane to Boston... Feels wierd without you at home... Feels like it's empty without your presence...

    Good luck in your interview there yea. Enjoy yourself and do send my lovely regards to Jia Hui...



    Posted at 10/19/2008 1:57:40 am by elainetoon
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    Friday, October 10, 2008
    Bad news...

    I was chatting with one of my Kuantan friend, Michelle Tai on MSN when I saw her message: "Why BaBy?" ... I was jokingly asking when she will get married. Her reply was: "My bf passed away 3 months ago, if not I'd have been married by now." OMG!!! I was shocked to find out about her boyfriend's lost. I grieved for her as well. <Pheartab, R.I.P...> Michelle, I'm sorry to hear about Pheartab. I know it's hard for you. But dear, life must go on. And I hope you will live life the fullest. All the best to you...

    Early this morning, I sent a good night wish to Vibesh through sms, when I found out yet another shocking news... He told me that he has only 3 months to go and then I won't hear from him every again. He won't tell me the reason until I forced him sms after sms this evening. That was after I promised him I wouldn't call him again, or cry about it, or feel sorry or even see him again. To my dismay, he got cancer!!! Arghh!!! What happened? When he found out about it, was too late. According to the doctor, he had yet another 3 more months to live. Gosh...

    Vibesh: "(1) Why no "muah"?... (2) Try toying harder with my feelings... (3) I know you got a boyfriend already. Hope you'll be happy with him... (4) I still love you. You're the one who don't wanna accept it or listen to me... (5) I'm on my way to work. OK, promise me you won't be sorry, or cry after I tell you, or call me or see me ever again... (6) I just want to tell you I got cancer, I have 3 months to live. Only my mom and dad knows. Sham (his boss, Shamsul Yusof) doesn't know, no one knows... (6) I don't need the special care and treatment. I think it's better if we don't meet anymore... "

    Gosh... I can't continue... Reading those sms just make me wanna burst out in tears!!! How can that possibly happen to a 24 year old sweet guy like him? What went wrong? How did all this happen? Why? Why? WHY?

    I spent the whole evening thinking of Vibesh's words. I felt terribly sorry for him. He was kind enough to let me know of his situation.

    God have mercy...


    Posted at 10/10/2008 7:32:33 pm by elainetoon
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    Monday, July 28, 2008
    "Bleeding Love"

    "Bleeding Love"

    Closed off from love
    I didn't need the pain
    Once or twice was enough
    And it was all in vain
    Time starts to pass
    Before you know it you're frozen

    But something happened
    For the very first time with you
    My heart melts into the ground
    Found something true
    And everyone's looking round
    Thinking I'm going crazy

    But I don't care what they say
    I'm in love with you
    They try to pull me away
    But they don't know the truth
    My heart's crippled by the vein
    That I keep on closing
    You cut me open and I

    Keep bleeding
    Keep, keep bleeding love
    I keep bleeding
    I keep, keep bleeding love
    Keep bleeding
    Keep, keep bleeding love
    You cut me open

    Trying hard not to hear
    But they talk so loud
    Their piercing sounds fill my ears
    Try to fill me with doubt
    Yet I know that the goal
    Is to keep me from falling

    But nothing's greater than the rush
    that comes with your embrace
    And in this world of loneliness
    I see your face
    Yet everyone around me
    Thinks that I'm going crazy, maybe, maybe

    But I don't care what they say
    I'm in love with you
    They try to pull me away
    But they don't know the truth
    My heart's crippled by the vein
    That I keep on closing
    You cut me open and I

    Keep bleeding
    Keep, keep bleeding love
    I keep bleeding
    I keep, keep bleeding love
    Keep bleeding
    Keep, keep bleeding love
    You cut me open

    And it's draining all of me
    Oh they find it hard to believe
    I'll be wearing these scars
    For everyone to see

    I don't care what they say
    I'm in love with you
    They try to pull me away
    But they don't know the truth
    My heart's crippled by the vein
    That I keep on closing
    You cut me open and I

    Keep bleeding
    Keep, keep bleeding love
    I keep bleeding
    I keep, keep bleeding love
    Keep bleeding
    Keep, keep bleeding love
    You cut me open and I

    Keep bleeding
    Keep, keep bleeding love
    I keep bleeding
    I keep, keep bleeding love
    Keep bleeding
    Keep, keep bleeding love
    You cut me open and I
    Keep bleeding
    Keep, keep bleeding love

    Posted at 7/28/2008 12:46:09 am by elainetoon
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    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to KLCC Plenary Hall. Integrated Expressions is proud to present you, Malaysia's first sci-fi musical, "NO LIMITS"...

    And... Today's the last day of NO LIMITS musical. It was so tiring. I was all exhausted... Sigh, I wasn't excited that the show was over... If I had the chance to ask for just one more day of performance...? The show ended too fast. And after the show, I had no chance to hang out with the other casts, musicians and crew. In fact, along the whole rehearsal, i never had chance to get to know most of the production team not to mention those I knew from the previous production. And on the last day of performance, I had to sent mom off to the bus station instead... Yerrr... How ironic!!!

    This second production I did with Integrated Expressions, was not like the previous Rose Rose, I Love You musical. Yea, I was so quiet throughout the whole musical. Only spoke to the musicians. Many said I was being "anti-social". Yes, memang pun... I hardly talk to anyone. Maybe I came in only after the preview and felt so blur I just minded my own business, that only on the actual performance day itself I finally did say hi to a few of them. During break I was always at the musician pitt instead of joining the others at the backstage changing room:( But really, I don't know why... Due to my graduation recital, I skipped the preview. But it wasn't just that. There's something different with this production this time. I felt awkward actually. Seems like everyone is like so "Yo yo yo man, wassup man.." and I'm being the timid, shy Elaine (like I always am when I don't know anyone...) Nah, I think I just miss Rose musical, that's all. (But... Life's gotta go on la, Elaine!!!)

    Enough said bout my anti-social attitude... Well, overall I had fun the whole 3 days of performance. But... not during rehearsals, haha. Maybe rehearsals were being super duper long in the wee hours I was tired and I hardly concentrate on the music even. It's crazy how rehearsals can actually drag up to 3am!!! Gosh, madness!!! But, I was happy to be given another chance to perform with Integrated Expressions after doing Rose Rose, I Love You. Yes, I do admit that I don't get paid much, but well, I'm slowly gaining my way in the music and entertainment industry. I wanna play, I wanna perform, I wanna make music!!! That's my aim...

    part of NO LIMITS musicians: Wagner, Ywenna, Hiro & me... 


    And after NO LIMITS, I'm still getting busy all the way till end of August doing another upcoming musical "Ismail, The Last Days..." in KLPac. (and maybe till September if we are going to Singapore to perform there...) Mostly this few months after graduation all I did was only accompanyment for my fellow junior friends in uni besides teaching piano at JJ Pianoforte during the weekends and playing in musicals. Playing in KLPac is so much fun, though it can be stressful at times. But once you know the music well, you don't have to worry much. Man, I love performing!!! I love music!!! I am so happy to be given the chance to perform!!!

    P.S: To Tong Keat, sorry, I've been a bad accompanist this sem. I hardly practice your songs. I hardly touch the piano!!! To Jessica, I hope I can play well for your recital end of this month... Ee Fang and Cyrena, playing concerto with you guys has never been more than fun and exciting!!!


    Posted at 7/13/2008 11:58:52 pm by elainetoon
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    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Yay!!! Finish graduation recital!!! Something to celebrate and be proud of? Haha... I am just happy it's over :) YAY!!!!!!!!

    Mommy, TQ for the surprise ya. Esther, thanks for coming all the way from kuantan to watch me perform. Clement, happy birthday:) Pastor Lawrence, Aunty Bee Gaik & Ithrana, thanks for just being there for me and for the love gift. Uncle Alfred & family, Andrew Yap & gf, Hehe... surprise to have you come tonight!!! Wei Ling, Chung Sing, Isaac, Ken, James Yeow, Ms Lilian (OMG, you came too!!!), fellow classmates, thanks for your presence and your wonderful presents. Fruitty Gang, Powerpuff girls; you guys rock!!! Chuan Li, Vui Ming, Chrys, Tong Keat, thanks for cheering so bloody loud for me!!! Housemates and ex housemates: Debbie, Kang Jen, Azeem, Adam, and their friends, you know who you are... TQ for being there for me from the start. Thanks for your company always!!! Ms Chew, I LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for guiding me for being who I am today. To all the others, TQ TQ TQ!!!

    TQ everyone for coming to watch my grad recital:) Thanks for your wonderful gifts and nothing makes me more happy than to receive support from everyone...

    For other friends, thanks for your prayers and encouragement:) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

    Posted at 4/16/2008 11:48:04 pm by elainetoon
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    Monday, April 14, 2008
    less than 2 days more......

    Grrrrr!!!!.... Countdown to grad performance... Exactly 44 hours to go... I'm so nervous!!! Oh nooooooo!!!!

    I'm all stressed out now!!!!! Can't sleep, can't concentrate on other things... Helppppppp!!!!!!

    I'm going CRAZY soon!!! Arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted at 4/14/2008 7:30:21 pm by elainetoon
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